Wednesday, July 7, 2010

About myself

My name is Jamie, and this is my blog.
Here I'm going to talk about whatever particle of thought happens to be sleeting through my head at the time.
I am 26, living in Hawaii and am a triple major in Astronomy, Physics, and Geology. No, that is not as ambitious as it sounds and for reasons I'll undoubtedly go into at some point, I may only end up with Geology. I live with my fiancee (hereafter referred to as LOML (Love of My Life) and a roommate (hereafter referred to as Roommate).

I like gaming. I also like hiking, swimming, reading, watching movies, writing, and various random stuff that makes it seem as though I'm stringing a bunch of random verbs together but let's get back to the gaming in slightly more detail.

The main computer game in my life since 2005 is Runescape (RS). Before that, we have a clear linear line of games leading through Zoo Tycoon, Total Annihilation, and that pinball game that comes on your Windows. I lean towards only playing one game at a time, but I've deviated from this more often as the years pass and I still fail to be 99 in all skills on RS. Most recently was Spore.

I first tried my hand at Xbox games with Fable II. I successfully completed the game with a wife/husband in every town and like 30-40 kids. The next Xbox game that peaked my interest enough to try it was Brutal Legend. Then LOML got me the first Fable, which I play occasionally when I feel like I'm able to withstand the injustice of the Xbox freezing in the middle of an important quest.

Card games: I play Magic: the Gathering. Haven't done as much lately for some reason. I was recently taught how to play Verses, by which I mean I know how 1+1 = 2 goes while everyone else is at least at the algebra level.

So I will probably talk about these games and other random carp subjects that I want to talk about.

Oh, and bacon is good. I get a bacon sandwich for lunch today. I hope.

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