Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Antisocial or Lazy?

//obligatory apology for never posting//

So this upcoming Friday offers a number of activities on the campus where I work/used to go to school that I can engage in that will bring me into contact with people I know or at least can identify after ten minutes of conversation while my brain tries to figure out who they are. These activities and the probable happenstances of said activity are, respectively:

1. Friday Night Magic. However, the format is Standard. I don't have a Standard deck. Actually, I don't really have any decks at the moment. If I had a Commander deck I could theoretically play with all the other non-tournament players, but I am really sans inspiration on the deck front. I might conceivably have a cannabalized Angel deck I could reassemble, but that sounds like work. And there's a chance there will be nobody to play with me/that will play with me. I will eventually feel like an automaton mimicking human behavior and I will ninja out early.

2. Geology Trivia Night. I could go, exchange cordial greetings with the current students and professors and realize how much I've forgotten/never remembered. Food and/or wollanstinite may be involved. Feldspars in all their potassium/plagioclase glory will put in an appearance. I will eventually feel like an alien miming human behavior and I will slither out and not be missed.

3. LAN Party. I only know two people offhand who will be here, one of which I spent an entire office in a summer with and--while sitting back-to-back--communicated via Facebook. I will show up with my sorry little laptop and buy giant cookies from aforementioned friend before giving up and vanishing in a cloud of incredible shyness and possibly shame.

4. Or I could stay home, play LoL, play RS and watch Charmed, play some more LoL, play RS and watch Charmed, play LoL because my fiancee has come home from Magic and wants his Xbox back to play Skyrim and I won't be able to watch any more Charmed, end the night playing Minecraft and drinking some concoction of booze from my dwindling supply of alcohol.

The choices, the choices.