Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year's Resolutions...And Why I Don't Make Them

The New Year is supposedly a time for resolve to do X, Y or Z in the new year that you were too lazy or too busy or really just didn't want to do last year but think you ought to do. Usually this motivation fades away, and either three weeks into January or by the end of March it's back to eating Cheetos for breakfast and skipping the gym because, well, who really cares?

I haven't made a New Year's resolution in years because they seem to come pre-built with their own guilt trip. I save resolutions for the rest of the year in order to spread the guilt evenly. For example, I've made a determination to get up an hour earlier on workdays in order to write. I'm not really a morning person but I can determine that writing will not happen in the evening when I get home from work, because I'm going to want to relax and play games, and LOML will have dinner ready at different times, making having an evening schedule hard.

So far, it's been happening, although my body would still rather stay awake later (and usually does), so I've been getting less sleep than otherwise. I haven't determined to this all year, because with any luck I'll be getting into grad school this year and that in itself will necessitate a schedule change. It's difficult to know what a year might bring.

I'd like to lose weight, but I haven't made any changes besides trying to eat more healthy. I'd rather get up an hour early to write than to exercise. Plus I tend to get real sleepy after exercising and its hard to drink coffee while doing so.

So yea...New Year's resolutions come prepackaged with their own guilt for failure. And I'm sure I was going somewhere with this, but the coffee isn't kicking in fast enough. So...Happy New Year, and may you keep any resolutions you've made. Peace out!