French Resources

Here's the list of online resources I've compiled as I've started my adventure of learning French. Incidentally, the only money I spent was on a real book called Le Petit Chose from a used bookstore. You don't have to spend a dime to learn most languages when there's the Internet. Just saying.

Starred (*) resources indicate resources that you can use for other languages. You might have to change the search terms or something, but it could be a starting point.

General Language Learning

LanguageLearning Reddit
Fluent in 3 months

French Sites that I've Used A Lot at various times

tialela99's channel on YouTube
To Learn French - good site for connecting with people*
French Crazy Links to lots of good stuff. Also a good blog. A Chrome browser app that allows you to double-click words in your target language to learn what they mean and how they are pronounced.


My Memrise Courses


Coffee Break French*
The French Podcast

Other Very Helpful French Resources

French Reddit
ASCII Codes for French letters*
Proficiency tests
Bilingual Dictionary*
Globse - the Multilingual Online Dictionary*

Movies/Visual Media

Les Parents
Adventure Time
fullforeignmovies, filtered on French*
Netflix, The Returned
BFMTV, a 24/7 news site


Articles on Language and Culture
Children's Fairy Tales
Project Gutenberg Books
Children's Books
Bouletcorp (Web Comic)
l'Humanité (news site)
Le Monde (news site)
French Together
Oui, c'est ça! (blog)
Reddit thread with lots of webcomics
Ebooks libres et gratuits Free ebooks


Ba Ba Dum*
Runescape in French*


LyricsTraining* You can learn words while typing lyrics to songs. It's really cool.

I like YouTube because you can search for "French music playlist" and discover new artists that way. Here's a few of my favorites:

Coeur de Pirate
Noir Desir
Joyce Jonathan
Christophe Mays

French Sites/Resources I haven't really tried

Defense Language Institute*
French Today
French in Action (video series)
Anki Very popular, never tried it*
Livemocha *
Open Learning Initiative*
MIT Open Courseware*


How to Learn Any Language Forum
FSI Language Courses
Audiocite (audio books)
Radio Stations in different countries

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