Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Of Mice and Minor Annoyances

There are some things I don't really think about until suddenly, they're annoying.


Corded computer mouse.

For a number of years I've used a wireless mouse for my laptop, one which you plug in a USB drive and it communicates to your battery-powered mouse. I use the mouse for most things because it's hard for me to have the same degree of control with that tiny little mousepad on my laptop. Sadly, this dependency renders me severely handicapped whenever the battery in the mouse dies and needs replacing; I end up raiding all battery-powered items in the house until I successfully find one and steal a battery from it. I'll be sure to buy more batteries before we need the Swiffer again, right?

At work, my mouse has a cord. At least it doesn't have that gray lint-trapping ball in it and has a nice laser light instead. However, I've discovered that I'm constantly having to move my mouse cord so that my mouse is not impeded in the course of its duties. This, in itself, impedes the efficiency of moving the mouse. This is making me annoyed.

On the subject of mouse batteries, I used to use rechargeable batteries, but it appears that both my battery chargers are terminally ill and soon to go to that great electrical outlet in the sky, or wherever electronic items go  after they get hurled into the nearest garbage receptacle (according to Futurama it's space). I am now faced with the choice of buying a pack of batteries or buying another battery charger for rechargeable batteries that are probably bad themselves. Which means I'd have to buy more rechargeable batteries.

Pack of 17,000 batteries it is.

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  1. hmm i feel the opposite way, i find the wireless mouse to be utterly useless, horribly unreliable, and just a plain bane to my existence.