Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On Commenting

Aloha Readers,
I cordially invite you all to comment, indiscriminately, on my posts. This has the effect of boosting my self esteem so that I feel that I'm not writing into a vacuum, and also gives you the feeling of accomplishment (i.e. "I got w00rdz on de Interwebz!!!"). I do have it set so I have to approve comments so you don't get bombarded with "Free Cell Ringtonezzzz!!!!", because I find those really annoying. You can be anonymous with your comments and you don't even have to set up an account.
Mahalo in adavance for commenting,


  1. Eyez is boosticizing youz selfs esteems.

  2. I am your faithful commenter.....for your self esteem....for my amusement....and because you write such good posts.

  3. I refuse to comment on a post about commenting...wait....oh noes!