Monday, November 8, 2010


What is it with bloggers not blogging and web comics not updating?

I mean, I already did a fair pile of Earth Structure homework. Now I've just got to do the lab that's due tomorrow and I should be completely caught up.

But it's been over 16 hours since any of the blogs I follow have updated. I feel like a kid waiting for the grandparents to show up, running to the window every five minutes to see if they're here yet. I'm fishing on Runescape, but all my friends are off for the night and I may have to throw in a movie to stave off impending boredom of not doing thirty things at once.


I need help procrastinating. Are there good blogs that I'm missing? Any websites I should be frequenting? A magic wand to make my lab do itself?

I'd like the last one the most, but I'll settle for any one of the three.


  1. go on a walk

  2. I really like this blog. It tends to be a bit on the sad side, but it is usually very well written. I have to say you are in my top three blogs....I read your auntie's....and the one I shared with you....along with a scattering of other random ones I stumble across now and again. :)

  3. P.S. I feel you on the stalling....I have a test tomorrow...I just barely began studying for it...and I'm already looking for reasons to stop. :/

  4. Both full of Pie's and Kitt's blogs have blog rolls that I check daily. I would start there to look for more blogs to follow.