Sunday, July 25, 2010

Adventures of Ravenroar Company I

These are essentially going to be updates from my Saturday night Dungeons and Dragons game. My character, Cerra, is a 'human' cleric of the Raven Queen. Enjoy

Dear cousin Lady Cierra Ravenroar,
As promised, here is an update on our current adventure. As you know, I left the Castle Ravenroar for Overlook some days ago with the volunteers to assist Overlook against the orcs and the threat of the Red Hand. The dragon paladin, Ataeo, the elf ranger Thallamain, and I were given horses at Brindle to facilitate our swifter arrival at Overlook.

When we reached Overlook, we found the place to be more full of bustle than a maddened anthill. A sprawling tent city had sprung outside the gates. We notified the guards at the gate (who were turning people away) that we were from Ravenroar and Brindle and they let us pass, giving us a token so we can leave and return freely. We headed for the Guild Hall, where we were told the headquarters for the volunteer effort for the army would be, and were told by a man sitting at a table by the door to come back later. He asked for the name of our company, and, having not discussed this ahead of time, I told him we were called Ravenroar Company. I believe it is a good name, if somewhat lacking in imagination, but I do what I can without your presence, Cousin.

We camped outside the city and returned to the Guild at the appointed time. We found it packed with adventurers and others of all stripes. One group, the Farstriders, seemed notoriously boastful and proud. I find such pride to 'rub me the wrong way,' as the common vernacular would put it.

The council asked for volunteers to rescue the monks of the Sundered Chain and their artifacts from their monastery, which is located in orc-controlled territory. We volunteered. The Farstriders were assigned to block tunnels that orcs apparently had been coming out of. I only mention this in light of what happened later.

We set out the following morning for the monastery. It had been recommended to us to take the Path of Penitence, a secret pass that would probably have not been found by the orcs. It is more of a vertical cliff than a proper path, but we were able to scale it. We finally came within sight of the monastery while remaining concealed ourselves, and saw orcs patrolling the wall of the monastery. Persuading the others to remain while I checked out the situation, once I was out of sight I put on a orc-sized Red Hand cloak I had obtained when we had been waylaid by the creatures on our way to Overlook, and used the ability that runs in our family to change my appearance to match those of the orcs. I had, this morning before we set out, completed the Comprehend Language ritual so I could understand the grunts of those ugly beasts. In this manner I was able to walk into the front gates of the monastery without arousing suspicion and was able to investigate the status of the monks. I saw a few dead ones, but the remaining living ones had barricaded themselves into their training room and several orcs were guarding the doors. I counted 24 orcs, and after thoroughly apprising the situation I returned to the others, taking care to return to human form and removing the Red Hand cloak before doing so. Upon my return the others informed me that one of the orcs on the wall had fallen to his death and they were able to procure his cloak. We then set a course of action for when twilight fell. Ataeo and I disguised ourselves in cloaks (and I made myself larger) and walked back through the gates of the monastery while Thallimain put himself in a position to cause a distraction when we came out, hopefully with the monks.

I spoke Orcish to the brutes guarding the doorway to the room the monks were in and suggested that we would take their place as guards while they went outside and got drunk. They fell for the ruse and our only difficulty now lay in convincing the monks (who had barricaded their door from the inside) that we had been sent to rescue them. Ataeo passed our task letter under the door and they finally let us in. They had been in that room for several days (since the orcs invaded) and did not know most of the orcs had left. We then accompanied them out of the monastery to where the majority of the orcs were around their campfire outside. It is a sight I will not soon forget: it was like an orange sea flowing and then enswarming the orcs as they fell like trees in a flash flood.

The monks thanked us for our assistance and informed us that the orcs had come in through the wine cellar. They also told us the artifacts had been stolen and taken into the tunnels by these orcs. They implored us to retrieve them, which we set out to do.

There is more to this story, Cousin, but the hour grows late and my hand is tiring. I will try to write more soon.

Blessings of the Raven Queen be with you,

Your cousin, Cerra

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