Thursday, October 20, 2011

DominateDominion Interview

So...I got an interview with the founder, otherwise known as TheFeedski, of the recently created site, a website dedicated to LoL's new game mode, Dominion.

Bacon & Betelgeuse: Why did you decide to start this site?

TheFeedski: I played a decent amount of Dominion during beta and got the hang of it pretty fast. When it was released, I felt that I was ahead of many of players I was playing with/against in public games. When I looked at the League of Legends Dominion forum it was full of people complaining or trolling, like usual, and I had a hard time finding a competitive team to play with. That's when I got the idea of making a strictly Dominion site. Thought it would be cool if I could make a place to host tournaments, find teams, write/read Dominion champion guides, etc.

B&B: Why go with paid hosting rather than free?

TheFeedski: As a broke college student, I originally made the site with free hosting. Then I started thinking, if this thing takes off, free hosting won't be able to handle it. So I figured I mine as well bite the bullet and pay for my own hosting. Plus, there aren't any ads. As of yet... Hope it stays that way, but if this starts to take a large chunk of change out of my pocket I may have to add a couple.

B&B: Tell us how you got into LoL.

TheFeedski: My room mate during Freshman year in college played it. He told me how the game works and I decided I would try it. From then on I loved it. And kept playing it.

B&B: Now, I've got to ask: Dominion or Summoner's Rift, and why?

TheFeedski: Depends on my mood. If I am feeling in the mood for some ranked, then Summoner's Rift. That mood doesn't come often though, so Dominion. I like the fast-paced feeling of Dominion. Getting your build rather quickly, being a sneaky sally and back dooring, I just enjoy the overall game play more.

B&B: What champions/roles do you prefer?

TheFeedski: I love me some Heimerdinger bottom lane. He's a beast. Or Ryze, Yorick, Gangplank, Xin, Tryndamere. I play a lot of people really, but prefer to be bottom. No homo.

B&B: What do you do when you're not on LoL?

TheFeedski: What do I do, or what should I be doing? I try to study and get ahead, but that's never fun. So usually I just smoke a bowl and relax. I'll get all my stuff done, but I'm a great procrastinator, so it won't be until the day before it's due. I also try working on this website. I use to make Youtube videos before I got in college and reached 10,500+ subscribers and got partnered with Youtube, but I stopped doing that. I should probably pick that up again.

B&B: Anything else you'd like to add?

TheFeedski: Thanks for being a member of the site and wanting to interview me. I'm in the process of finding someone to make a script for an unofficial Dominion ladder system. Hopefully that is coming soon.
B&B: Thanks for letting me interview you! Best of luck!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Today, I Met a Nobel Prize Winner & I Didn't Stab Any Computers Or Perform Any Other Acts of Violence


All right, I'll try to make a story of this.

This gainful employment manages to cut into my Times in all sorts of Runescape Time, my League of Legend Time, my Watching-Movies-on-Netflix Time, my Thinking-About-Exercising Time, my Studying-for-GRE Time, my Snuggling-With-LOML Time...

Back to the title story. Please note that since I'm tired that the sloppy Paint illustrations will be representing things that probably did not, in this dimension, happen.

So, after a long day of assembling maps on a computer that somehow escaped the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs and getting visited by a stabbing headache for the last half hour of work, I finally slithered up to the university cafeteria where the 2011 Nobel prize winner for Physics was speaking. I showed up 10 minutes early and the place was like the proverbial can of Sardines and the kids' game all rolled into one. I had to overcome my hesitation of talking to people to inquire as to whether a seat was available because I really did not dig the concept of standing.

Okay, so maybe this one did happen.
They eventually started shunting the mob to another room in another building on campus, but since I had a chair I stayed put, surrounded by strangers...The talk only started 10 minutes late, which was a bit earlier than I was expecting, seeing how these things tend to go (especially on my campus). After all the cheering and whatnot throughout the thankfully brief introductory speech Dr. Schmidt proceeded to take the entire audience from Earth, through the concept of Light, through the concept of Doppler Effect, to the curvature of space-time and why the universe appears to be accelerating. Oh, and he ditched meeting the Queen of England because he had already arranged to talk to us.

During the course of the talk, the following did not happen.

And after the talk I joined the time to say hi to the guy.

I asked a question I couldn't bring myself to ask during the Q & A as it would have meant I'd have to yell over two-thirds of a room of crowded people, and got a picture with the guy

Pretty good day, all things considered.