Saturday, July 10, 2010

Movies I've watched so far this weekend:

I've been sitting here trying to think of something to intelligently write about and have come up short. So I'm going to talk about the movies I've been watching this weekend so far.

So I've watched the first disc of Witchblade: The Complete Series. Due to Netflix being unkind enough to not have this on Instant Watch I now have to wait several days for the next disc.

In short: lots of stabby wabby going on, fat blobby killer dude is really creepy, corporate people are not to be trusted, and is there something inherent in Japanese anime that requires the small cute little girl to take care of her mommy better than her mommy takes care of herself?

And is it really necessary for all the skinny women in the movie to look like an adolescent's wet dream?

Actually, I don't need the answer to that.

On the New Movies list Netflix offeredThe Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. The one line synopsis seemed intriguing (family with dark secret, etc), so I settled down to watch it while killing stuff on Runescape.

First of all, it's in Swedish. With subtitles. Which makes the whole multitasking thing a bit harder, but whatever.

So apparently Sweden in WWII had its own Nazi adherents and an island that's connected to it by a bridge. The story seemed to be about a discredited journalist who was hired to investigate a missing girl from this island who had disappeared on the one day no one could leave the island on the account of said bridge getting burned up. Then this girl with a dragon tattoo who works for a security firm as a hacker gets involved and there's hot naked lovings, etc. Oh and close encounters with death for the protagonists by the bad guy which ends with the bad guy getting burned alive in his wrecked car. Kudos to dragon girl for not pulling the murdering bastard out. I hate it in movies when the hero has a chance to wipe the evil villain off the face of the planet and they get all goody-two-shoes about it. Strange they didn't think of that when they were plowing through all those minions...Anyways...

Don't watch this movie if you don't like watching violence, and especially if you can't watch violence towards women. Or if you don't like seeing nude old men.

So, after that cheery bit of filmography I found Hook. Yes, there's a lot of movies I haven't seen. I am trying to remedy this situation. I enjoy watching Robin Williams as a general rule of thumb.However, I find it annoying when it takes the main character a stupid amount of time to get to whatever they're supposed to be going in terms of story and I would have been happy to chuck Peter Panning the lawyer off a cliff if I thought it would kept me from seeing the pathetic sodden introverted mess he had managed to turn in to.

Not to say I didn't enjoy the movie. I did. Except for that bit of the end where Peter Pan doesn't stabby wabby Hook, who had kidnapped his kids and killed his second in command. It's up for the stone crocodile to tip over and swallow the bad guy. You would have thought there's be a bit more blood with all the stabby wabby that was happening.

But I honestly did like the movie.

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