Thursday, July 15, 2010

For M___...About that chair you so cruelly rejected

The Sob of the Soft Swivel Chair

I'm soft and leathery; I'll keep your bum warm,
I'll soothe your back, keep your body from harm;
I swirl, and I twirl; I've adjustable height;
You can stay in me all day and all night.

And yet--I see you passing me by;
What's wrong with me? I might even cry;
You take that hard chair way in the back,
It's boring, it's stable, like tooth-coating plaque.

Why the rejection? I'm the height of perfection,
You've made me all sad with an inferior complexion;
I wish you would tell me, I wish I knew why
You so cuttingly ignore me and leave me to die.

7/15/2010 Jamie S.

1 comment:

  1. I have never in my life had a blog post dedicated to me. I am deeply honored. Thank you, Jamie. And wonderful chair....why did I reject you? Why did I leave you to swivel so emptily and in such utter dejection? All I can say is I didn't feel like sitting in you....yeah, I know...I'm a cold, cruel person. I guess that's why I took the hard seat.