Friday, June 10, 2011

Something Lost

Recently, I was using Stumble! and ran across this cool site that gives 80 journal writing prompts for the writer's blocked writer. I bookmarked it because I figured I could use it to 'grease the wheels' when it comes to writing this blog.

Question 1:
Name something you lost or gave away that can never be replaced.

Well...Where do I start? How does one even begin to answer that sort of question?  What hasn't been lost or grossly mutated in some way as to no longer be recognizable?

'Innocence,'maybe? Or the concept of it? I remember back in the day I used to think people were generally honest and good-hearted and--if they were Christians--did their best to be like Jesus Somewhere in my late teens I started suspecting and came to the realization that most people are inherently selfish and they're just going at it for what they can get out of it. Me included. I don't remember just when this happened, though. Now I've settled on the position that most people have varying degrees of good and evil in them and they tend to be so thoroughly mixed it's impossible to separate them completely.

My childhood? My mom threw out all my toys before I hit 10. Dolls and toy animals were 'graven images' or some such shit. My siblings and I were extremely isolated from other children our age, and even other people. When we were finally in a church setting where there were other children, my sister and I were kept from playing on the grounds that it was 'unladylike.' To this day relationships of all sorts tend to be difficult for me, and I don't know if this is due to my natural levels of antisociality or if because I missed out on all the 'socializing' I should have been getting while growing up.

What haven't I lost?

What have I gained? That might be the better question.


  1. Sounds like a pretty grim childhood =z I'd rage if my mum threw my toys out at an early age.

    Writers block does suck, those prompts are handy

  2. Deep post, Jamie. I'd cry my eyes out if my mom threw away my toys and dolls today. If I were little? I'd probably never have forgiven her for such a grave transgression.