Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Airports and Sleep

Ahh, the lovely feeling of floating in air while simultaneously feeling the incredibly strong pull of gravity.

Strange things seem to happen when there is massive sleep deprivation, i.e. I happened to not sleep at all while traveling on an 6 hr (more or less) flight across the Pacific and am now sitting in an airport for three hours waiting to catch another flight. Somebody's spawn is working it's way up to a full scale bawl and big words are starting to get difficult to write. Oh, and my verbal English comprehension is slithering down the drain but no worries, right?

The pizza I had for breakfast (at 5:30am) was slightly burned around the edges, but still tasted pretty good.

The "free" wifi here only lasts for 45 minutes, which I consider sucky seeing as I'm here for 3 hrs. At least it means probably not moving to plug in my laptop because there's only so much I want to do on my computer at 6:30am that doesn't involve the internet.

At least I've stopped twanging like a high-pitched amateur violinist's violin.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Scars of Mirrodin: I'm a Woman In Love

Check out these hotties:

So I indiscriminately like angels. Bite me.

I should warn you, though: Not many things that bite me live for very long.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Of Blonds

I had an encounter with a blond today. It was definitely one of those encounters-of-the-blond kind that you normally only get in blond jokes. Insert standard blather here I have nothing against blonds and some of my best friends are blonds, but blather blather blah you can't make this up. Really.

So I'm working at the circulation desk in the library, doing my cheery best to cater to the needs and wishes of the mortal souls that come up to my desk, at least when it comes to library services:

When this girl chick female human comes up to the desk to return a set of headphones and asks for her driver's license back.

Quick review of library policy:
  • You need to be a registered student.
  • You must have your picture ID (either student card or driver's license) to check out books, headphones, study rooms, etc.).
  • We do not keep IDs at the desk while you are using said headphones, study rooms, books, etc.. We haven't as long as I've been there, and I do not anticipate this policy changing. We do, however, charge books and headphones, etc. to your account so that if you're late returning them, we can hang you upside down and shake change out of your pockets.
But we do not take IDs hostage to ensure the safe return of borrowed items.

So, I was puzzled. A search of the lost and found drawer yielded no licenses,and no other possible places yielded the missing license. The blond in question named the person who had been on desk at the time and insinuated that said person had kept the license for nefarious purposes. All this right before finding said license in her wallet.

So I spent five minutes telling this person that the person had asked for her license so she could look up her name in the computer so that she could charge the headphones out. We do it to everyone who wishes to borrow headphones. Then we give said IDs back.

It's people like this than make me certain my supervisors will authorize me setting up a pit trap in front of the circulation desk.

So I haven't mentioned the spikes yet. Shhh.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Runescape firsts

I've had a couple of firsts in the past day.

First, a level 4 clue. My weeks of killing the Skeletal Horror have finally paid off. Here is what I got:

And then I reached occult floors in Dungeoneering for the first time. I've had the level to do them, just haven't started training Dungeoneering until recently:

In other news, Dungeoneering is my last skill I need to get to lvl 80 and I'm about 115k xp away from it. W00t. My first occult boss was the Skeletal Trio, but I neglected to take a pic because I was too busy getting my ass whipped. However, after teleporting out several times I got a better hang of the system and shattered their little undead noses not only on this floor, but the one after it.

I'm looking forward to getting back to Slayer, though.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Balls to Unball...

...or, My Monsters are Other People. (With Pictures)

Asking for help is hard to do.

Tonight when leaving my job at the library, I asked the security guard there for an escort. Now, I've never asked for an escort to my car before, but I had parked in the farthest parking lot of the school, and going back to it would involve passing a lot of creepy foliage that could be hiding a bad guy in it.

Now, I've passed lots of creepy foliage before without a bad guy jumping out at me, but that just increases the chances of it happening, right? So, while I'd like to think I would do this:

....chances are more likely this would happen....


Plus I know LOML generally dislikes me getting into these situations. And it would be a pain to replace everything in my backpack. So I asked for an escort.

But admitting I didn't have the balls to walk across campus in the dark bothers me. I mean, shouldn't I be self-confident in my ability to discourage predatory members of my own species?

That could be the problem. I'd be perfectly happy in the middle of a howling wilderness as long as I knew for sure that there were no other people around. Come lions, tigers, bears, oh my, they generally don't have the stock of evil that is so uniquely human. Plus they don't have a cash society and they aren't going to go pawn my textbooks off on Ebay or spend my five dollars on some worthless pursuit I would no doubt spend my money on if I actually still had it.

That is barely scratching the surface of why I don't like asking for help, but I'm currently dabbling in a worthless pursuit and I feel this topic is too heavy for one post. Plus it's almost so late that if I stay up another five hours the sun will be rising. And I haven't had my dose of Runescape for the evening yet.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Look, I Can Take Nice Pics Too!

When I saw this scene, can almost hear the tribal chanting in the background.

Very pictogram like.

Also, my phone takes a decent picture sometime.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stairs vs. Elevators

It seems, no matter where I am, someone is hating on elevators.

(Please note this is my first attempt to not only use geometric shapes in a Paint drawing:)

I understand the attempt to force people to walk a few more feet a day in interest of getting them into shape--but the whole 'take the stairs' approach really hasn't made me lose weight, only given me a slightly misleading notion that I am doing something to keep myself in shape.

What I want to know is, why don't you ever see these signs?

I mean, you could totally post a corresponding one by each. You could totally save yourself fifteen cents of electricity or wear and tear on your stairs. If you want to be really analytical about it, you could post a list of pros and cons by each and let the people decide.

Or you could post this:

 Or we could shut up and let people do what they want.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Scars of Mirrodin: Instant Like

I was looking over some spoilers for the upcoming Magic set at MTG Salvation forums when I saw this:

I can has wants it! For a pet!

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Runescape Bonus Xp Wkend...So Far

It's going pretty good for me so far:

80 smith:

85 herb:

This is me pretending I'm a Kor (from Zendikar. And if you don't get the reference don't worry, it's from another game).

Best of luck to all others on the bonus xp weekend!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Again with the Education!

I've come to realize that, with my own specialized (i.e. psychotically dysfunctional) upbringing, brilliantly fractured mind, and random collection of facts, I may not look at things the same way as other people. Or, at least, differently.

Take this book cover, for example:

My thoughts were, in this order:

1. Pass the A1! This juicy morsel warrants better than mere ketchup!

2. That's probably a Jersey calf. What's a Jersey calf doing in this picture? I guess it could represent veal, but if that's not it's future, then it should be an Angus. Or Hereford. If you were going to put a picture of a calf on the cover of a book about food, wouldn't you want one of the proper breed? Is this just a statement about eating veal? I mean, it's not even the right subcategory--it's a dairy breed calf, for cryin' out loud!

3. Are Jersey calves cuter than Angus or Hereford calves, and is that why it's picture is on the cover?

4. That's an awfully clean plate for that calf to be standing on.

5. Mousaieff? Is that a middle name, a last name, or a I-hate-my-child-and-want-him-to-suffer-in-grade-school name?

6. When Elephants Weep? Never heard of it. Is that when the raindrops get really big?

Now, I've never read this book. Probably never will. But I'll remember it as the book with the (probably) wrong breed of calf on its cover.

Damn education!

P.S. If any of you have read either of these two books, feel free to educate me about them.

Links to Amazon: 
The Face on Your Plate: The Truth About Food
When Elephants Weep: The Emotional Lives of Animals

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