Blogs I Follow

I will update this one of these years. A number of these blogs are no longer active.

Funny Stuff
Books of Adam: Hilarious random stuff. Who knew there's a cloning machine popping out clones of everybody?
Hyperbole and a Half: A blog written by someone who is, if possible, crazier than me.
In Review: Stuff and Things: Writer of the Random. Didn't hate Twilight, but I can forgive him for that, as he's a good writer.
Incidental Comics:  Well done funny comics.

Serious Stuff
Charity Ministries Insider: A look at this cult from one who's been there.
Commandments of Men: A serious look at the dark side of fundamental extremist Christianity...from the unusual perspective of a male.
Forever in Hell: A view of religion from the outside and humanity from the inside.
I am Fickle Cattle: An angsty storyteller, and a good one.
Quivers of Men: Sarcasm on the fundy movement.
Razing Ruth: She comes from a background that is eerily similar to some parts of my growing-up years.
The Slacktiverse: A variety of articles from a variety of authors on spirituality.
Slacktivist: Belief in God and thinking can mix.
Seven Shades: A blog by a talented artist I know personally.

Science Stuff
NASA Updates: Pretty much what the name of the blog says.
NASA--Moon, Mars, Solar System : More star stuff, mostly solar system related.
Remanzacco Observatory: An observatory in Italy.

Jax's Runescape Blog: A high lvl RS blogger.
Merch Gwyar's Blog: A gifted storyteller who can make her Runescape adventures seem more exciting than I've been able to.
Of Flippers and Green Hair: It ain't the same without the flippers. Or the green hair.
Runescape Reader's Digest Blog: Links and comments about the Runescape community.
The World Portal : More Runescape tales and insights.
Xelronia: A bit of Runescape and Minecraft.

 League of Legends

 League of Legends -- The Insider: Tips and tricks on League of Legends
Camera's Perspective on League of Legends: Articles on LoL
Surrender at 20: LoL Updates when they happen.