Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Again with the Education!

I've come to realize that, with my own specialized (i.e. psychotically dysfunctional) upbringing, brilliantly fractured mind, and random collection of facts, I may not look at things the same way as other people. Or, at least, differently.

Take this book cover, for example:

My thoughts were, in this order:

1. Pass the A1! This juicy morsel warrants better than mere ketchup!

2. That's probably a Jersey calf. What's a Jersey calf doing in this picture? I guess it could represent veal, but if that's not it's future, then it should be an Angus. Or Hereford. If you were going to put a picture of a calf on the cover of a book about food, wouldn't you want one of the proper breed? Is this just a statement about eating veal? I mean, it's not even the right subcategory--it's a dairy breed calf, for cryin' out loud!

3. Are Jersey calves cuter than Angus or Hereford calves, and is that why it's picture is on the cover?

4. That's an awfully clean plate for that calf to be standing on.

5. Mousaieff? Is that a middle name, a last name, or a I-hate-my-child-and-want-him-to-suffer-in-grade-school name?

6. When Elephants Weep? Never heard of it. Is that when the raindrops get really big?

Now, I've never read this book. Probably never will. But I'll remember it as the book with the (probably) wrong breed of calf on its cover.

Damn education!

P.S. If any of you have read either of these two books, feel free to educate me about them.

Links to Amazon: 
The Face on Your Plate: The Truth About Food
When Elephants Weep: The Emotional Lives of Animals

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  1. I have not read either of those books but I find your bizarre line of thinking right up my alley.

    I love beef. The cuter the better.


  2. I agree with charles. I like lamb too. Maybe they should have used lamb?