Friday, December 31, 2010

Winter Break

So I'm currently just past the midpoint of winter break.
So far this winter break I have:

Learned how to play League of Legends (level 8 Summoner)

Built a EDH deck (angels, angels, angels)

Made cinnamon rolls

Made cheese rolls (that got all moldy due to not being eaten fast enough)

Got 91 Slayer in Runescape.

Cleaned the cabinet that has the towels and stuff in it

Cleaned the living room

Vacuumed the couch

Cleaned the fridge (oh my God...should really clean more than once a year...)

Gone for the fire cape repeatedly (no luck yet)

Completely reversed my schedule...I now get up around sunset and go to bed after sunrise

Completely failed to main or murder people in my vicinity

So far...a successful winter break.
What have the rest of you been up to?

1 comment:

  1. I have:


    Gone to the beach.

    Made cupcakes

    Continued the bad habit of staying up uber late even though I don't have hw....on the plus side I usually sleep in a good bit later too

    Gone to the movies

    Stayed in a hotel

    Spent a lot of time with my family

    Come to the conclusion that....wait. No, I haven't....but I'd like to before the new year. That sure doesn't give me much time

    Happy New Years, Jamie!