Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Of Blonds

I had an encounter with a blond today. It was definitely one of those encounters-of-the-blond kind that you normally only get in blond jokes. Insert standard blather here I have nothing against blonds and some of my best friends are blonds, but blather blather blah you can't make this up. Really.

So I'm working at the circulation desk in the library, doing my cheery best to cater to the needs and wishes of the mortal souls that come up to my desk, at least when it comes to library services:

When this girl chick female human comes up to the desk to return a set of headphones and asks for her driver's license back.

Quick review of library policy:
  • You need to be a registered student.
  • You must have your picture ID (either student card or driver's license) to check out books, headphones, study rooms, etc.).
  • We do not keep IDs at the desk while you are using said headphones, study rooms, books, etc.. We haven't as long as I've been there, and I do not anticipate this policy changing. We do, however, charge books and headphones, etc. to your account so that if you're late returning them, we can hang you upside down and shake change out of your pockets.
But we do not take IDs hostage to ensure the safe return of borrowed items.

So, I was puzzled. A search of the lost and found drawer yielded no licenses,and no other possible places yielded the missing license. The blond in question named the person who had been on desk at the time and insinuated that said person had kept the license for nefarious purposes. All this right before finding said license in her wallet.

So I spent five minutes telling this person that the person had asked for her license so she could look up her name in the computer so that she could charge the headphones out. We do it to everyone who wishes to borrow headphones. Then we give said IDs back.

It's people like this than make me certain my supervisors will authorize me setting up a pit trap in front of the circulation desk.

So I haven't mentioned the spikes yet. Shhh.

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