Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Airports and Sleep

Ahh, the lovely feeling of floating in air while simultaneously feeling the incredibly strong pull of gravity.

Strange things seem to happen when there is massive sleep deprivation, i.e. I happened to not sleep at all while traveling on an 6 hr (more or less) flight across the Pacific and am now sitting in an airport for three hours waiting to catch another flight. Somebody's spawn is working it's way up to a full scale bawl and big words are starting to get difficult to write. Oh, and my verbal English comprehension is slithering down the drain but no worries, right?

The pizza I had for breakfast (at 5:30am) was slightly burned around the edges, but still tasted pretty good.

The "free" wifi here only lasts for 45 minutes, which I consider sucky seeing as I'm here for 3 hrs. At least it means probably not moving to plug in my laptop because there's only so much I want to do on my computer at 6:30am that doesn't involve the internet.

At least I've stopped twanging like a high-pitched amateur violinist's violin.

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