Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Balls to Unball...

...or, My Monsters are Other People. (With Pictures)

Asking for help is hard to do.

Tonight when leaving my job at the library, I asked the security guard there for an escort. Now, I've never asked for an escort to my car before, but I had parked in the farthest parking lot of the school, and going back to it would involve passing a lot of creepy foliage that could be hiding a bad guy in it.

Now, I've passed lots of creepy foliage before without a bad guy jumping out at me, but that just increases the chances of it happening, right? So, while I'd like to think I would do this:

....chances are more likely this would happen....


Plus I know LOML generally dislikes me getting into these situations. And it would be a pain to replace everything in my backpack. So I asked for an escort.

But admitting I didn't have the balls to walk across campus in the dark bothers me. I mean, shouldn't I be self-confident in my ability to discourage predatory members of my own species?

That could be the problem. I'd be perfectly happy in the middle of a howling wilderness as long as I knew for sure that there were no other people around. Come lions, tigers, bears, oh my, they generally don't have the stock of evil that is so uniquely human. Plus they don't have a cash society and they aren't going to go pawn my textbooks off on Ebay or spend my five dollars on some worthless pursuit I would no doubt spend my money on if I actually still had it.

That is barely scratching the surface of why I don't like asking for help, but I'm currently dabbling in a worthless pursuit and I feel this topic is too heavy for one post. Plus it's almost so late that if I stay up another five hours the sun will be rising. And I haven't had my dose of Runescape for the evening yet.

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  1. did I ever tell you of the time I snotted one of my friends who had the foresight to just out from behind my car when parked in a dark lot? Not fucking funny! Jess