Friday, August 6, 2010

Runescape: What I do wrong/right

I ran across this list on The World Portal, by Kitt, a blog specifically about Runescape. I was a little surprised to find that there ARE blogs out there about Runescape and nothing but Runescape. It's really cool.

Anyways, I found this list of supposed "right" and "wrong" ways of playing Runescape. I thought I'd see how I measured up...

"These are all the things I do wrong in RuneScape.
- no super/extreme pots (sometimes check...I get lazy/forget to use them)
- no piety/turmoil (check--can't do turmoil and piety drains prayer like a vampire drains blood)
- no cannon (check--I'd want to make my own cannonballs, and I don't want to do that)
- no Guthan's armor (I have it. I love it.)
- don't complete clues ASAP (usually I do--l00tz for meeee)
- no combat familiars (sometimes I do. What else am I going to do with them?)

- don't run at Ape Atoll (whyever not?)

- don't drop ores (check--if I'm mining, I probably want the ores for smithing)

- no servant (Got one. Minions are cool)
- no oak doors (check--I did  oak tables)

- no graahking (check--don't have any)
- no abyssal minion (got them. So I use them)
- don't bank at ZMI (check--don't use ZMI)
- use all pouches (check)

- no daily herbs runs (check--until I want to empty my bank of seeds)

- no red chins (got 91 hunter off these)

- don't rush (check)
- don't run 5:5 larges (check)
- kill everything except dino cows ( dino cows, personally)
- check every room (check)
- haven't switched to 2h (check--mostly range or mage)"

Score: 14/21.

Well, I play to have fun, not to make money or level in the most efficient manner possible. Isn't that how it's supposed to go?

By the way, if you like reading Runescape blogs, Kitt's blog (The World Portal) is very good. I highly recommend it.

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