Friday, August 20, 2010

Growing Up

I have discovered, to my dismay and objection, that I am being dragged towards grownuphood and responsibility.

Most noticeable are the bills. I used to not have this many bills -- rent, cable, phone, insurance, etcetera etcyada. I remember when my biggest concern was buying pretty colored pens. At the time I was only making a few dollars a week off of doing extra chores, but still.

Now I've got to apply for financial aid so I can support my lifestyle of going to school and getting my brain overloaded three weeks into every semester. And since school is the primary source of my income, I need to make sure the school is willing to let me keep coming under the guise of seeking knowledge, so I burn said brains out and periodically bang my head against a desk so it looks like I'm thinking, or at least solving the homework problems, which can mimic thinking under the right circumstances.

I'm being forced to think about the future three months, two years, and five years ahead of time. Of course, all this is so I can have a decent quality of life (a house I don't have to share, the ability to travel places on occasion, the ability to eat out without breaking the bank) for me and LOML twenty years from now. Or sooner. Hopefully.

I'm warning all you younguns who haven't grown up yet: It's overrated. Trust me on this.

And to all you olduns: know already...


  1. Nooooo!!!!! You're scaring me....but I can already feel the steady onset of age and responsibility.

  2. It's not all bad. When you're grown up, sure you have a lot of bills, but most of them are relatively consistent from month to month, so all you have to do is keep the total from exceeding what you're earning.

    Sure, the numbers are bigger. When I was in school, realizing that my bank account had accumulated $400 or $500 was huge, and meant I could get a new bicycle or whatever. Now, owing $140,000 (mortgage and all my other debt in the world combined) doesn't feel all that bad, because I'm gainfully employed (to the point of having to tell people I don't want MORE work).

    But having more bills, more money, more credit, and all that means, as long as you don't screw it up, you can DO those things you're dreaming about doing in the future.