Wednesday, August 4, 2010

11 technologies going extinct?

I was randomly browsing the Interweb when I came across the following article:

11 Technologies in Danger of Going Extinct

Here is my opinion on the subject:

1. Fax Machines. Since the advent of the scanner I seldom use one unless it's required to submit an application for some scholarship or internship. I just don't need it, so I'm cool with it going the way of the velociraptor.

2. Landline Phones. Okay, I exclusively use a cell phone, but I can see that, if you had a business, a land line might be better.

3. Beepers. I take it the person refers to what I've been taught was a pager. Don't use one, don't know anyone who does. You might as well call, right?

4. DVD players. I suspect the author is a little optimistic about HD and Blu-Ray completely outing the DVD player any time soon. All I know is, the DVD subscription for Netflix is cheaper than it is without the Blu-Ray addition. Blu-rays cost more in general and require a special player. Neither of which I, a hard working poor college student, have.

5. Film projectors. Long live the film projectors in a yay-digital-sort-of-way.

6. The Computer Mouse. I don't like pads, the phones and laptops I see with touchscreens are always smeared with finger grease and I can't get the same level of control with a pad as with a mouse. So bugger off, High and Mighty Extinction Predictor.

7. Cell Phone Charger. Some magic wireless charging pad from Apple is supposed to replace this? I'm sure it's possible but I don't see one coming into my life anytime soon.I like the idea though. One question: Will it only work on Apple products, and will it need software updates that will randomly disable it if you jailbreak it to work on non Apple products?

8. Plasma TVs. Meh.

9. Credit Cards. These are supposed to be replaced by a RFID chip in a Smartphone handset. Well, maybe not all of us like/can afford a Smartphone. What if someone hijacks the information off your frequency? And if this is supposed to replace everything a wallet would carry, where do I put my spare pennies? Not a fan of this idea.

10. E-book Readers. I still prefer real books. Yes, I'm a bit archaic. But curling up with any sort of electronic device to read before bed seems off to me. Plus you don't have to worry about the batteries running out on a long trip.

11. iPod. Sure, it can be replaced. Have item that can listen to music and do other stuff? Sounds like an appropriate case of item evolution to me.

So heres to a brave new world--as long as the computer mouse can come with.

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  1. I cannot agree more with you about the e-readers. The only benefit I can fathom from these devices would be extra space on the shelves. There is just something special about the act of turning a page, the crisp smell of a new book, the stories a well-loved book can tell.