Monday, August 2, 2010

Runescape July Update Review

Warning: Unless you play Runescape, you may have no interest in the following blog.

The month of July was the first month in over a year that a Behind the Scenes was released for. I've always like Behind the Scenes as it gave you plenty of time to anticipate an update and gave you some reassurance that everyone at Jagex (Runescape's publisher) hadn't suddenly died and left a cold empty office behind.

So, July has ended. We got 2 out of 3 updates, with the last one being pushed back into August, so I'm just going to review the two we got.

Love Story: A charming quest, really. A mildly annoying factor of Runescape quests is that your character is usually gullible and can say some really silly stuff. You start the quest off by finding a ring a little whiny girl lost and then get challenged by a female mage saying that she hates all adventurers and that you and the Wise Old Man should come fight her. I'm not going to reiterate the entire quest here, but I will say, the cutscenes and story were really cool, and the rewards were awesome. A very enjoyable quest.

With the Love Story update most of the dragon graphics were updated. They now look more scaly and dragonlike, but I think their tales are too small to be proper dragon tails.

The next update is the commonly referred to 1.5 Dungeoneering update. This saw the release of various resource dungeons all over Runescape that gave you a one-time Dungeoneering xp find and permitted you to access some new resource spots. Very cool. The construction hotspot and group gatestone teleport were also much appreciated on my part. I feel that the class rings left something to be desired, as for most of the ring levels you are paying a lot of tokens for a very small % increase.

All in all, a good update month. I was disappointed that the new Treasure Trails did not come out but other than that, it was quite decent.

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