Friday, August 27, 2010

Runescape August Update Review

So apparently with my schedule at school and work, daily blogs are hard to do. Inspiration that is not rock-related tends to not turn up in case it has to compete with attitudes and apparent dips (don't ask). I'm going to try to get more consistent at it, but please don't be too severely disappointed if I don't update every day.

So, Runescape has finished all the updates they promised in their Behind the Scenes for August article, which is wonderful of them (they can abide by a schedule!). I haven't done some of these as much as I would like due to homework taking up all my free time, but what's a student to do?

The first week was the treasure trail update that was delayed from July--this saw the release of level 4 clues and many new rewards, including the promise of a treasure trail item in every clue. I can't say I'm a fan of getting a yew compound bow in a level 3 clue, and I've yet to get a level 4 clue in spite of faithfully visiting Bork every day. Still, I'm collecting the biscuits and I like how firelighters are now tradeable. I wish that they had done more work to make the new prayer books better for certain specialties, but all in all I found the update exciting. I really like the idea of meerkats.

The second week was A Void Dance quest that I found engaging and refreshing, although the tracking on Karamja nearly got annoying when I couldn't find the right fern to search for ten minutes. I found the story line engaging and the rewards weren't too shabby for the ease of the quest.

Third update was the Dungeoneering 2.0 update. I haven't really had a chance to try the occult floors but more prestige is a good thing and I immediately bought the Scroll of Efficiency that allows you to save bars while smithing. (Really, Firefox? You think 'smithing' isn't a legit word?).

Last update was the new minigame activity Conquest. I'd like to spend more time at this game if I wasn't currently working on getting all my skills to 80 and gathering seconds for the bonus xp weekend coming up. It definitely rewards the player who can better man their units and use their special spells wisely.

Lastly, check out their Game Bar. It's definitely nice to have, even if you play Runescape in one browser and do your web surfing in another.

That's all for now--hopefully we find some red hot goopy lava tomorrow and I can post some more pics of the stuff.

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