Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Darkness Trilogy

Eying the Darkness

I stare into the open eyes of a moonless, starless night;
I stare, and I feel the darkness staring back;
I would, O! I would fight for the smallest flickering of light,
But all of eternity is swallowed by the black.
I hear the sounds of darkness, a open and foreign book,
I hear a language I do not understand;
I would love to pierce and comprehend that dark and sullen look,
But the darkness will not yield to my demand.

I feel the sabled hand of night closing in upon my skin,
I feel the living shadow touch my blood;
I would rise to fight the darkness, but the darkness invites me in,
A somber touch before the impending flood.

12:26 AM 8/9/07

Enter the Darkness

Some view it as the bogeyman, some view it same as sin,
But I see another cross to conquer, another scalp to win;
Some see it as a poison, and some on that poison choke--
But (I suspect) they do not see the fire for the smoke.

Some gaze on it with open eyes, some hide behind their dreams;
I see a road to travel, I see a fight to scheme;
There are those untainted souls who have never felt the eyes
Of a night that would stare back, the truth in starless skies.

I have walked in shadow's sanctum, I have danced a round with shade,
I found within myself, my soul, a Power stronger than the grave;
Though I walk a path with darkness, and darkness walks with me,
I have sought--and fought--and won--for my spirit to be free.

12:43 pm 1/4/08

Embracing the Darkness

I look down the black, black road; the stars graze the sky behind me,
I face the rows of red-white eyes, the sun is naught but memory;
The road drives into blackness, darker than midnight’s hue;
I will walk that path of darkness, for the darkness I pursue.

The moon glowers through the shrouded horizon, it glowers—and I seek;
It turns a baleful eye, but its blessing I shan’t beseech;
The blackened rocks stab at the sky, but for me—I know no dread,
For I go to the land of the living through the craters of the dead.

I care not for others’ thoughts; I know where I go;
I feel the night twitch in it’s darkness, lurk in it’s plateau;
I seek not for werewolf blood, nor for a vampric lair,
I go to meet myself—for I am already there.

12:04 am 12/17/08

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