Saturday, October 9, 2010

Airports and Sleep 2

So apparently I don't sleep in airports. Or planes. I was reaching a point on Monday night where I was wondering if I would ever sleep.

So, while the SACNAS conference was fun, it was strained a little for me because I didn't get enough sleep and my ability to mimic human behavior decreases sharply with the amount of sleep I'm not getting.
After the conference I went to see some people I haven't seen in over two years. This list includes my grandparents, brother, cousin, and friends (mostly people I used to play Magic with), and some people I haven't met at all (my brother's boy and my cousin's daughter). 

For the trip back I was requested by LOML if I could please collect his Rifts books that he had left at a friend's place and bring them back. I said I would.

All 70,000 70 pounds of them.

Between this picture and the airport, however, two of my brain cells randomly banged together and made me realize that hauling 70 pounds of books in as my carry-on luggage was a recipe for my arms being two feet longer by the end of the day. Or my shoulders being torn from their sockets. Or me being rendered a paralyzed mass of goo in the middle of the airport. Or someone getting fatally concussed as the duffel bag tumbled from the overhead compartment.

Plus, I can't lift that much weight over my head anyways.

So I checked the duffel bag into the checked-in luggage while stuffing 20 pounds of books into a random cloth bag I looted from the SACNAS conference. I discovered that 20 pounds of books was sufficient to make me pledge to only carry a lightly-packed bag next time I felt the urge to travel.

But I've got LOML's eternal gratitude and a status of a favor permanently owed. That's worth it, right?

And now I want to play a Crazy. From Rifts.

P.S. The duffel bag was a casualty of this trip. May it rest-in-peace-in-the-closet-because-it-has-too-much-sentimental-value-for-me-to-throw-away.
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