Thursday, February 24, 2011

Son of Loki

So I've come to a conclusion.

One of my geology teachers is a descendant of Loki.

I am basing this on what I perceive to be a Loki-ish sense of humor, this sense of humor that, to quote Terry Pratchett from The Last Continent, would "put a land mine under a seat cushion for a bit of a laugh."

So during our volcanology class last semester, towards the end of the semester, we were going to do a sampling project of some cinder cones, and we would be divided into three groups.

For those three people? The three quietest, least offensive, least leaderlike people in the class. You know, the kind who get picked last for a team or vanish into the woodwork because no one knows or cares that they exist.

And, naturally, those three people would be me and the only other two people I can actually talk to for more than three minutes without resorting to the weather or the homework assignment. Now there's a reason we never volunteer for leadering positions.
But it turned out to be sort of fun. I directed one person to take all the notes and another two to measure the height of the columns of the localities where we took samples (we were going up a gulch), while I took the samples. And people actually did what I told them to do!

But back to this teacher: he mentioned one time on how he was flying back to the USA from somewhere overseas and he had 70 pounds of rocks stuffed in his carry-on backpack. It was difficult to move like it wasn't that heavy (or so he claimed). He then chucked it into the first overhead bin in the first class section before going to sit down, because he didn't want 70 pounds of rocks sitting above him on the plane.

I'm just saying he's a descendant of Loki, is all.

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  1. thats fucked up. for many reasons! sis

  2. Pretty hilarious, great stuff. Followed.