Saturday, February 19, 2011

LoL: Maokai and the Saplings of Awesomeness

Well, I wasn't intending to buy Maokai right away, since LOML said he would and I wanted to see how he played first.

What with the servers being down for umpteen billion fifteen hours or so and then the shop being down, LOML was not able to buy Maokai the day he was released, but he did get to play a game against one.


OMG those saplings are so adorable! (A cynical part of my brain is going, 'It's just pixels, you dumbarse," but OMG soo cute...who cares?)

So I got Maokai. And I got the double bundle since I really wanted his Charred skin and it was less than buying the champ and skin separately.
Totem Maokai

Charred Maokai. My favoritist
Right now I'm actually going with Clarity and Heal as summoner spells, and building Doran's shield -> mercury treads/ninja tabis ->banshee's veil/frozen heart -> other one I didn't take. I haven't had a real game proceed after that point.

Plus, since I logged on while there was all that IP trouble, I got a free 10 win IP boost, making my First Win of the Day like 356 IP. W00t!

I haven't tried Ryze since he's been revamped yet. I wish they'd hurry up and release the Co-op vs. AI mode already.

Still, I'm quite happy with Maokai and find him very easy to play.

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