Friday, February 4, 2011

Runescape February Behind the Scenes

Been awhile since I've done one of these. Here's my February BTS thoughts.

So, the Wilderness and Free Trade have returned. I have mostly only logging in to do my farming route once a day during the week, so I haven't had cause to get too involved in the chaos yet. Apparently rune darts will not sell even at 10gp though. From reading the RS official forums, however, as expected, prices have plummeted like a dropped turtle, the new player killers think kills are too hard, and World 60 Penguins has decided to ban the announcing of the wilderness penguin in chat for now. I'm sure things will smooth out eventually but until that time I am sans desire to enter the wilderness, even for Bork. I did do a round of Castle Wars with my clan, Cairdeas, and we had a good time. I actually got like 7 kills, which is a personal record. I will say this for the first update: I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the dwarven gravestone I spent 500k on after the quest now lasts for 15 minutes rather than 5.

The next slated update is the Prisoner of Glouphrie. I remember the gnome quests as being fun, so it'll be nice to revisit them. I hope the promised new spirit tree patch brings with it the possibility to plant multiple spirit trees, as I don't want to give up my Etcetria tree, but it's probably unlikely. It should be fun to explore the mythical city of Arposandra, in any case.

Next is the Pottery update. Pottery huh? This is actually one of the more surprising ones on the list. Who does pottery? Probably more people after this update, with its promise of teleporting urns. Hmmm, with a high level of 81, I should be able to make all of them when they come out. Cool. I like being able to do everything new. It appears to be a partially F2P update, which is cool for all those poor people who play the free game.

Demon ashes giving pray xp. I saw this suggestion on the forums awhile back and it looks like they're implementing it almost in it's entirety. They'll be notoriously easier to use with the Ectofunctus, only requiring a bucket of slime, but I don't see anything saying whether they can be used on an altar, or whether a bonecrusher will work with them. I don't think the bonecrusher will work, and wonder if a new Dungeoneering object will come out to automatically scatter ashes for you. If that's the case I'm morally obliged to dungeoneer to get it.

I like the shortcut improvements, even though I don't use many of them. Hidey holes are a great idea; I wonder if that means I'll be able to get rid of my grappling hooks for another precious bankspace spot?

Should be an entertaining month at the very least.

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  1. I like that free trade is back. This makes it easier for players to help each other - although I suppose trade scams will also return.

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