Sunday, December 26, 2010

RS: Elf Sphinx and the Big Scary World

If I was to come up with a proper title/subtitle for this, or, as in some older books where they manage to cram the entire chapter into several phrases, it would be:

The Adventures of Two Runescape Characters
Elf Sphinx gets 30 Dungeoneering -- Elf Sphinx Leaves Daemonheim -- Elf Sphinx Dies in New Ways -- Elf Sphinx Goes Back to Daemonheim -- Rebel Dragon Get 121 Combat -- Rebel Dragon gets 88 Herblore --Rebel Dragon Completes Seer's Diary

Now with pictures:

I don't actually roleplay a lot with my RS characters, but with Elf Sphinx it's kind of hard not to. She's probably the daughter of two adventurers who got lost in Daemonheim and as such doesn't really know a world outside the confines of Daemonheim (which she herself is not totally acquainted with). Upon hearing rumors of curious other dungeons in the land, she set out in the Big Scary World to hunt them down and learn from them. First, she uncovered the one close to Daemonheim, that took her to an island of trees. She then used the one ritual spell she knew to take herself to Lumbridge, and from there she ran through some dark woods full of spiders and found a trapdoor in a place known as Edgeville. She did not stop to talk to the people there, as she was questing for this peculiar dungeon. She had no armor or food, since Daemonheim does not allow such items to leave its tainted halls. She encountered some skeletons that were like none she had ever met, of a great size and ferocity. She also encountered hill giants, curious monstrous humanoids she had not seen before. But she found the dungeon. On her way out of this horrid place, she thought she got murdered by a skeleton but found herself laying on the steps of Lumbridge castle, instead. No matter; she ran all the way to Ice Mountain, to investigate the Dwarven mines for a dungeon there. There were some scorpions but she managed to evade them.

She then reached Port Sarim, to catch a boat to Karamja, but discovered the ten gold in her possession did not allow her to sail to that island. Being unacquainted with the standard niceties of civilization, after killing some goblins and getting naught more than a sling, she took to murdering a man and wife in their house until she had enough gold to make passage. She then made her way to the volcano on Karamja, and found an entrance into the belly of the mountain. Here, she saw Lesser Demons, although if these were the Lesser she would dread to meet  Greaters. Upon discovering the special dungeon hidden here, she was promptly murdered by one of these Lessers, and found herself on the steps of Lumbridge Castle again.

Having seen enough of the world and having discovered the dungeons she had set out to discover, she returned to Daemonheim, with the determination to not leave until she was better able to face the frightening world outside its confines.

Now for Rebel Dragon:

Seer's diary is something I've been wanting to complete for awhile, but luck and Evil Dave's stews have not let me. Once I figured I had the herbs for 88 herblore, I decided to take another stab at it. I ended up spending the last half of the level chugging Greenman's Ale and making Extreme Attack potions, but no worries. I then hauled out the cat (Sivir) and popped into Evil Dave's basement. I discovered a wiley cat is so much better than a normal cat for rat-catching purposes. Then it was over to Seers Village to buy 10 stews and then I stomped off to the ranging guild to have a go at it.

Three bowls in and success! However, apparently the diary was not finished. I stared at my screen, and then opened the Tasks tab. Apparently I also must drinks a dose. So I did. Then it was off to Sir Kay to claim my reward, which, the most excited part for me is that my Enhanced Excalibur heals 400lp instead of 200lp! W00t!

So that's what I've been doing in Runescape lately.

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