Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Saga of Stupid Freaking Metal Bits, Part II

The saga continues....

The tow truck shows up before I can finish eating my nachos. It manages to alternatively dump rain and not rain repeatedly during the whole interaction with the tow truck driver. The driver brings over a portable jumper cable thingy with it's own battery so we can roll up the window, get the shite out of park, and back it into a parking space across the row so the tow truck can actually hook up to it. LOML gets out an umbrella to keep us from getting soaked. Good thing, because I wouldn't have thought of it. When your car is on its way to a career as a scrap heap, what's a little chilling rain to a stressed little soul?

Originally, I planned to take the scrap heap to our place and dump it in our front yard, but the tow truck driver mentioned his shop and I thought, why the hell not? Would save me having to tow it again. So it was towed to a shop tucked behind a 76 station and a local drive-in and I tenuously abandoned it for the night, leaving it all alone in that dark place....

I did briefly think about finding a cliff to push the car off of, but the towing company didn't offer that service.

What this meant was that my next day started hellishly early--I got up at 6 am after about 4 hours of sleep. I called the shop at 8am only to be told that they hadn't looked at it yet. I then called AAA to secure my complimentary 2-day rental--which was some big black Dodge tank of a car. I checked for missile launchers but there didn't seem to be any. I then went to a doctor's appoint at the health center at college, splurging a whole $3 for a park-anywhere pass so I wouldn't have to trot the entire way from the Far Wilderness lot to make it on time.

After the kind doc suggested I turn into a grazing animal start eating 3 servings of fruits and veggies a day (which is like 21 more pieces than I do in a normal week) I dragged myself home to catch a nap before heading to classes.

Except the repair shop called and told me the bad news....
  1. Alternator was completely shot
  2. Radiator had big crack
  3. Serpentine belt needed replacing.
Total repairs = $800.

After the world faded back in to reality, I asked the repair shop lady if I could call back. LOML was stirring and I felt a need to consult him on the topic of 800 buckaroos.

LOML started talking about options and before I knew it I was calling the teachers of the classes I had that day to let them know I was going to be absent on account of my car being a POS. LOML then hijacked the wheel of the black rental tank from me and we set out for the afternoon...

to be continued....

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