Monday, December 13, 2010

Runescape December BTS

Well, I realize that there's already been an update so this will be more of a 3/4 BTS and 1/4 in-front-of-the-scene, haha.

The first update, Dragon Defenders, seems to have lived up to expectations of the various people who have been wanting it. I find it nice that they 'finished' that line of weaponry. From what I understand they drop fairly regularly, but I haven't spent much time trying to get one on account of the Warrior's Guild being crowded every time I go.

Supposedly coming this week are damage-soaking and differently-colored hitsplats. This is supposedly the first of a series of updates trying to increase the players' damage capacity to better withstand the amount of damage being dealt. I rather like the idea of Defense counting for more than it currently does. Damage soaking is being added to most armor, but since the bar is set at 200 life points I'm not sure if it's going to make enough difference to really matter to me, since I hardly ever fight bosses and seldom PVP. The 'max hit splat' idea is a good one, I think.

The Christmas update should be fun. Having it in Daemonheim should be interesting, but since we've had a werewolf involved in Christmas before I guess it's not too much out of the ordinary.

This month is rather low on my list of things-to-be excited about, but that is certainly subject to change. For those of you working through finals before Christmas break: we're almost there!

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