Friday, December 3, 2010

Runescape November Review

Well, November was a rather successful month, with several much-anticipated updates and a decent quest.

The warped floors in Daemonheim I can't really comment on as I don't have the level to do them, but I'm glad they finished skill all the way out to level 120, as that means I won't get the cape before they complete it, hehe. I do think the Mercenary Leader may be too difficult in general, as I've heard the boss and minions are the same level all the time and not based on your level. I could be wrong about this. There were no awards that made me want to get them immediately, so this was sort of a no-update week from my perspective, but I look forward to trying it out.

The BOAESU (Bank Op And Equip Screen Update) was next, surprisingly, as I was expecting Herblore Habitat. It still has made life quite a bit easier, with the whole switching-of-armor-and-gear between slayer tasks. Or outfits.

I only briefly visited Herblore Habitat when it came out. Other people seem to like it, but I didn't really get the hang of it and all I could think of was how many bank spaces this was going to take. Bankspace is rather precious to me at the moment, so I didn't really do this game.

Do No Evil was fairly challenging without being too frustrating--except for the bit where the pharaoh queen sent me off to Sophanem to learn about Apmeken -- I hate useless running around. The choc ice thing was a bit annoying until I figured how to chill it. But helping the monkeys set up a colony was rather nifty.

All in all, a good month for Runescape.

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