Monday, January 17, 2011

More on School 'Cause That's What I've Been Doing

Well, a week of school has been survived, with one class dragging me out of bed at o'darkthirty, I mean, 6am every morning so I can have my coffee ritual before getting to class at 8am. Then I don't get home until 9pm or 1030pm on those days, making them excessively long days where I walk in the door and hope I don't miss the bed as I fall at the end of the day. I'm actually taking a class for the sheer pleasure of it this semester, namely galactic and extragalactic physics. About galaxies and stuff.

Then there's a slew of geology classes and an English class required for me to get my BS in Geology at the end of the semester. Comparative Planetology is another fun class that is really relevant to what I want to do in life, so hopefully everything goes cool with that.

Yesterday we made a trip to Costco and I managed to not pass out from the sudden removal of that many pennies from my bank account. On the other hand, I ended up buried for two and a half hours under a package of paper towels while being barricaded in on one side by packages of toilet paper. I was in the back seat with roommate because LOML demanded that our friend J____ ride in the front so he could have someone to talk with on the ride home.

Twenty four hours later most of the signs of the Penny Massacre of 2011 has been hidden from immediate view. Just don't open the refrigerator. Or the cabinet. Or the other  cabinet. Or the mini fridge. You know, just don't open anything.

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  1. (in response to your comment)Heh, not lately! I started this thread on Gaia advertising free art, and got an overwhelming response, and I'm just having so much fun that I don't want to stop--that and I think I'd feel guilty if I worked on something else, when they're all waiting and stuff. Plus, I haven't gotten requests for anything else, so... yeah, I'm gonna be in these things for a while. :P