Saturday, June 4, 2011

RS: The Fremenik Sagas

Runescape came out with the Fremenik Sagas on Wednesday. I headed over to try them out. Spoilers below.

First, I had to do a real dungeon to find a certain frozen Skaldrun. Since I had all the frozen floors done already I set my dungeon to a Small with a Complexity of 2, and three rooms into it, I found him:

I lit a fire by his feet and soon he was dancing a jig thawed out sufficiently to tell me he was a bit of a storyteller and if I could meet him on the surface, he'd tell me some stories, provided I could find the memories to trigger them.

Once Skaldrun skedaddled out of the dungeon (can't say I blame him--if I had to stare at the same wall for hundreds of years I'd probably have gone nuts too), a white bearskin obligingly appeared in the same room. It whisped to vapor as soon as I touched it. Seeing as I only was in this dungeon for Skaldrun, I exited and went to find his tent.

Skaldrun had set up in one of the nearby camps. I guess it would be significantly warmer than the ice block he'd be used to, but it was still a bit chilly.

I'm guessing centuries without good old UV radiation left him a little white around the skin cells. Anyway, he let me into his story of Three's Company.

Three's Company lets us see some of the fabled Signature Heroes in game for the first time:
Left to right: Ozan, Sir Owen, and Adriane
Ozan was your standard rascally ranger/rouge character; Sir Owen was a stolid, somewhat humorless paladin, and Adriane is a mage. A bright, witty, red/pink haired mage at that. They were busy chasing a criminal known as Carn, who is posing here with several of his pets:
There's always one not looking at the camera.
Our three adventurers stick it to the bad guy and then argue over what to do with the behemoth. I chose Adriane's choice, which was to study the creature and learn how Carn hypnotized it in the first place. I also think she trained it to be a lapdog once the quest was over.

I don't have as many pictures from the next two; I did the required floors to get the memories and then I set out to do Vengeance. First, we watch our irritable, doomed adventurers sniping at each other in the home room:
Front row, left to right: Ican Haz, Kay Thanxby, Lola Wut. Back row: Lotheria Seldorina
Ican Haz only used quickchat, and stole all the food off the tables in the beginning, refusing to share with his team. Lola Wut was snippish in general. They marched into the next room and proceeded to murder a bunch of guards, one of whom survives and sets out to kill all the adventurers one by one for killing her baby brother.

Thok it to 'Em was my favorite of the three sagas. For most of the time, you play a character named Thok who slaughters his way through a dungeon on a quest to find help for his injured older brother. His special attack seems to change every time it's used, and the dungeons are all labeled with how Thok sees them:
Don't mind the edges, its an artifact of fast image processing.
Thok bullies a prayer door into opening without having the prerequisite prayer level, and screams "Chaaaarge!" alot. He defeats a Warped Gulega for the Pretty Lady:

Not pictured: Pretty Lady
They were all enjoyable, and a nice bit of Dungeoneering XP. I decided to do some more dungeons on my own so I can reset my prestige. It's a nice change from doing Barbarian Assault to fill my penance horn for mining.

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