Tuesday, June 7, 2011

LoL: Learning Alistar, And the Return to Normal Mode

Ah, conflict and failure. Both are things I shy away from. Both are key components of League of Legends.

It's one thing to battle against a computer--the computer doesn't have feelings that can be hurt (yet) or a self-image that can be damaged by you roflstomping it's ass. Which is why, once Co-op vs. AI mode came out on LoL, that was the only mode I played. From (I think) level 15 to level 22. I played several different champions and learned how to play fairly well...against bots.

But this was starting to seem boring and not challenging enough. I looked at all the pretty champions I owned (46), many of which I've never actually played, and formulated the following plan of action:
  1. I will learn how to play each champion I own. Since I intend to eventually own all of them, this will hopefully mean I will learn how to play every champion with some level of proficiency.
  2. I can only play a maximum of 10 Co-op games with a champion before I must start playing it in Normal games, against real people, on the Summoner's Rift map.
  3. I must have at least 10 wins in Normal mode before I can move on to the next champion. I have not decided if I should also add 10 wins for Twisted Treeline or not.
 I will be proceeding in alphabetical order, which means I start with Alistar, since I don't own Akali. Here is a picture of the purple cow:
Why he is purply-blue, I have no idea.
I ended up dispensing entirely with guides since Alistar has had a recent update and many of the guides have not been updated to reflect this. Some have, but they weren't working for me. So I figured out what my problem was, which was running out of mana, and started from there.

My initial runes were health quints, followed by flat mana regen seals, cooldown glyphs, and magic penetration reds. I switched to movement speed quints after three Co-op games, because he seemed so slow. I also started building Boots of Swiftness to help with his movement speed. Once I started building normal games, though I would sometimes build Ionian Boots of Lucidity for their cooldown reduction.

I've been starting my games with two Fairy Charms and three health pots. It gives me mana for the spamming, which allows me to use my E constantly once I hit level 2. I then build into two philosopher's stones, which reduces my need to farm so much (I suck at last hitting, especially on melee champions). It gives me a lot of health and mana regen, which also help with the spamming. I try to get an AP item after that, either Deathfire's Grasp or Morello's Evil Tome. Then it's on to Aegis of the Legion, Frozen Heart, and if the game goes on long enough  or I need more armor, Guardian Angel Armor and/or Banshee's Veil.

So far, my games are looking like this:

Right now it's an even 50/50 win-loss ratio, which I find unacceptable. Games either go well or they don't; I either die a lot or I don't. There's nothing for it but to keep playing, I suppose, but I'm going to require some sort of winning streak before I move on to the next champion; winning ten games isn't going to be sufficient if I have to play 20-30 games to get those ten wins. I'm going to have to play this by ear.

Wish me luck! Also, pray to whatever deity you subscribe to that my improvement is rapid, for the sake of my teammates, if nothing else.

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