Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Runescape Meme

I found this cool questionaire on Kieyanar the Mighty Crafter 's blog. It's quite fun, really. Some of the questions are hard for me, though.

Skilling Idol: Nesgamepro
Person you look up to most: Flaiva
Favourite famous player: Season, i.e. used to be #1 in Farming, she commented on a forum post I had a looong time ago.
Person you like going on random excursions with: Almonzor
Person you like chatting with most: ...hard one...right now it's Ram136.
Your favourite persons on Runescape: My demon butler

Your clan's name: Cairdeas
What kind of clan it is: Friendly
Favourite memory from clan: Sitting around yammering
Favourite quote from the clan chat: none yet

Your favourite item: Quest cape
Your weapon of choice: zammy spear
Your favourite costume: don't have any really
Your skillcapes: construction, woodcutting, fletching, magic, range, acquired in that order
What skillcape(s) you're working on: slayer, defense, hitpoints, fishing, and cooking. Think that's all
Your total level: 2182

Your favourite skill: Slayer
Your favourite activity within that skill: Treasure trails
Your favourite minigame/distraction: trouble brewing, but as a rule I don't do minigames
Your favourite random event: Giles. It's quick.
Your favourite quest: You want me to pick?
Your quest points: 309

And now you know more about me as a Runescape player than you ever cared to know.

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