Friday, November 5, 2010

Fable 3: Review

Warning: Possible Spoilers.

So LOML picked up the Collector's Edition of Fable 3 on October 26th and brought it home. It was the hardest thing in the world to stumble home after a day of school and work and to only rip off the packaging and not shove the disc into the Xbox and spend the next eight hours playing it. Instead, I only ripped off the packaging and studied for a test I was having the following afternoon. And messed around with the Villager Maker, but apparently due to never getting the code from GameStop I wasn't able to put it into my game.

It wasn't for several days until I was able to start Fable 3 in earnest. First was the sultry voice of Theresa, asking me what I would be. The options were either a Prince or Princess. I chose Princess ('X' button). I then watched the opening story involving a chicken on a quest for freedom, only for the chicken to be shot and hauled into the castle kitchen while the camera pans up to the window of the Princess, where she is getting prodded out of bed by Jasper, the faithful and helpful butler every secretly aspiring Hero wishes they had.

I shan't reiterate the entire story, but I would like to say I found Fable 3 pleasantly different from Fable 2. There was less control over the emotes, but at least it was more intuitive to use them ('A' for good, "X' for evil, 'Y' for silly), and there is no more holding down the left trigger to collect little glowy balls of experience, which I always found annoying, as they like evaporating before I killed everything.

Due to my allergy to grinding, I was unable to do any of the jobs (blacksmithing, piemaking, barding) for any length of time (Yes, I play Runescape. Shut up). I slowly made money via renting out houses and owning shops but as it turned out I didn't accumulate enough money before embarking on the year of reign and then the year of reigning advanced rather faster than I expected, making me lose 2/3rds of the population of Albion. But at least they still liked me afterward.

I set up two families and adopted about eight runts from the orphanage before calling it a weekend on Sunday night. I started another character (a prince) with the intent of making him evil but sometimes even the greatest obsessions necessitate a break from them.

Fable 3: Two thumbs up!

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