Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Daddy's Shirt

Daddy’s Shirt

Little girl wrapped up in Daddy’s shirt,
Waiting for Daddy to come home.

Today is your birthday, Dad, and I really wish you were here;
You broke my heart when you left, dear Dad; I haven’t got any more tears.
I lie, I lie, but they’re all inside, all stoppered up in a fractured bottle;
I have some words, but they are scarred, all shattered and twisted and mottled.

Little girl wrapped up in Daddy’s shirt,
Wondering when Daddy’s coming home.

The world died the day you did, the rocks shattered under my silent screams;
I think of you under bright-sun days, I meet with you in my dreams,
Always happy, so happy, and you can’t understand why I’m sad;
With you gone, the world is worse, and some days, it’s just plain bad.

Little girl wrapped up in Daddy’s shirt,
Wondering if Daddy’s coming home.

I’m going forward ‘cause I can’t go back; I go, for I cannot stay;
But on days like today, when you should be here, is when the saltwaters come out to play.
I gotta believe that you’re alive somewhere, and that you’re still here with me;
It hurts too much, for you to be gone, my heart stranded on the saltwater sea.

Little girl in Daddy’s shirt,
Crying for Daddy.

4:16pm 11-3-07 © Jamie S.

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