Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I'm Baaack....Maybe

It's been a long time since I've posted.

But due to some comments from family members, it may be time to remember how to do this blogging thing again.

I've set this goal of writing 500 words per day. I maybe actually do this 3-4 times a week. However, most of that has been novel writing.

Life has changed a bit since I last posted in August 2012 (wow...longer than I thought. Just looked it up). I've moved from Hawaii to Wisconsin for the sake of the only job I could actually get hired for. As an aside, job hunting sucks.Massively. I cannot accurately describe the amount of suckage that occurs when you're out trying to peddle your skills to a world full of massive indifference. I managed to get a few interviews, but never made it past the cursory phase. Apparently, in addition to being able to do a job you're supposed to have a high natural charisma score (And who doesn't have that? Me!).

In the middle of filling out hundred of applications, I posted a resume on Monster. I got contacted by my current company who noted my science major and GPA (apparently). Company has nothing to do with my major (Geology), but I was really up for anything that would pay me (Of course there's limits. Don't nitpick), I waded through a series of aptitude tests, and the company flew me out from Hawaii to Wisconsin for an onsite interview (more like "here's the job we'd like to hire you for, and our awesome campus") and some more tests. There weren't any of those stupid "what's your greatest weakness" questions involved.

Long story short, place was/is great, and the LOML and I packed up and moved shortly thereafter.

Wisconsin gets snow in winter. One thing I dislike about the place. On the other hand, it has cheese curds, which nearly makes up for it.

One thing about having a steady job, rather than being in school, is that my creativeness has slowly been sauntering back. I started story writing again. Then in July, I made three goals:

1). write 500 words per day.
2). finish a book by July 2015.
3). finish writing a great book in 2023.

Ten years ought to be long enough, right?

So yea, I've been banging words together, but not on this blog. I'm up to 33,000 words on my current story, and I'm aiming for 80-100,000 on it so there's room to maybe edit it down to 75,000. Brief' overview of the story (since I'm talking about my writing and that's what wanna-be writers do is talk about what they're doing): Main character gets murdered in the first chapter and is finding out that the afterlife is apparently one giant session of getting chased by your fears, scary monsters, and your past. But hey, at least the main character finally got a chainsaw.

Don't want to give away more details because if the damn thing sees print in some form I'd hate for everything to be known. But chainsaws and monsters are a winning combination. I think. Maybe there will even be some character development.

As usual with every blog post, I realize that there's a lot I was going to say that I didn't. But I will try posting here more often.For the two of you who will actually be reading this.

Anyways, chainsaws and monsters.

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